Yin Yang Yurt is in the first place for the best quality at an affordable price.
Not the cheapest … but being the best … is our goal


YIN YANG YURT = The best of Mongolia + the best of Europe
Do not just buy a yurt, you deserve the best quality, more comfort, security, durability … and enjoy more

Mongolian artisan craftsmanship

for 3000 years


durable comfort insulation and free of smell

consists of recycled cotton.

durable protection against rain and sun

water- and UV-resistant nautic acrylic canvas.

some nice features of our yurts

how do we guarantee your comfort?
Yin Yang Yurt originated from our own yurt experiences.

Can windows be installed?

The strong construction makes it possible to install large windows with double glazing.

Is there sufficient insulation against extreme cold, heat and noise?

Our recycled cotton insulation provides durable insulation against the cold, efficient insulation against heat and exceptional acoustic characteristics. .

Is humidity and condensation a problem for the insulation value?

With moisture absorption, no odor is released (unlike sheep wool insulation) and the insulating effect remains about the same. It is thereforevery suitable as insulating material without the vapor barrier or additional film against moisture..

Is your canvas rain and UV-resistant?

The canvas-producer has designed for yin yang yurt a rain- and UV- resistant nautic acrylic canvas. Under the canvas is also provided a waterproof and breathable film. The strong wood construction allows to wear the weight of insulation AND canvas.


What adjustments did we make? Do not just buy a yurt, but a Yin Yang Yurt for a carefree comfort.

See how we set up a yurt here

Thanks to our years of experience in building yurts, setting up the yurt is very precise, structured and smooth.
In the video below you will get a good idea of how we work and what is involved. The yurts are now located in Brasschaat, Rochefort (Belgium) and at a campsite in Portugal.

A yurt is a huge attention grabber. Everyone in the neighborhood hears through the grapevine that a yurt is being set up and that attracts many spectators at the time of the opening

Glamping is camping with a yurt. View our yurt in Portugal

Look at our video from 2013:
setting up a yurt and with extra explanation about Mongolian customs


We offer 2 models. If you would like other dimensions or have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message via our contact form. Due to the continuous fluctuations on the world market, prices are on request

Workshops living in yurt





De Ger/Yurt specialist team

De Ger/Yurt specialist team

Traditional Mongolian artisanal craftsmanship
The insulation specialist

The insulation specialist

Protector of cold, warmth and acoustic
The canvas specialist

The canvas specialist

own fabrication

The Yurt specialist

The Yurt specialist

own living experience as a source of inspiration for Yurt
Yin Yang Yurt supports a reforestation project in Mongolie.

We plant hundred trees for eacht yurt sold as a thank you to Mother Earth


Yin Yang Yurt ondersteunt ook een alternatieve manier van Samen-Leven in Portugal bij Associacào Land Belongs to MOTHER EARTH.

Associacào Land Belongs to Mother Earth

Yin Yang Yurt supports ngo Nature Harmony.

They share their experiences with existing and future communities.

Nature Harmony


Is Yurt a ‘Zen’ making machine? Yin Yang stands for Harmonie….Harmonie in the Yurt
Harmonie and Zen for yourself and for your clients with Yin Yang Yurt.

Yurt adapted for your AirBnb

Are you interested in generating additional income through exclusive Yurt rental through AirBnb? Ask our advice… More info

Yurting for your camping: glamping

We think along with you and help you realize your Yurting project. Make an appointment today… More info

Ger (Yurt) is a Zen making machine


Let’s talk about you

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